Social Media And Printing



If you have an established online audience, use their engagement with your online presence to help shape your print. Social media analytics can be extremely useful when making print design decisions by informing of what content works best for your audience, and what doesn’t. Whether producing a new brochure and need to know which visual imagery your audience prefers, or producing a magazine and want to know the most popular blog topics for articles, the data available through your social media is a valuable source of information.


Don’t have a big audience online? Don’t worry! See print as another way to continue building your online presence by including website URLs, social media usernames and campaign hashtags wherever possible. Use interactive print solutions or apps to create something really impressive and seamlessly bridge the gap between your print and digital. Interactive elements are great for taking people on a journey – linking to your website, social media, special offers, video content, anything! Not only will it bring your print to life, but it also provides measurable results that allow you to gain an understanding of how people interact with it.


With so much content and information available online, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start and who to trust, print products on the other hand, are more restricted. When a brand ‘makes the cut’ and is featured in a print publication, it gives a sense of credibility and trust. If you’re featured in someone else’s print, show it off – snap a photo and tell the world! Similarly, use social media to show people what your print products look like and where to find them, while ensuring your social media reflects the same messaging as your print to keep things consistent.